These VoIP features increase your communication capabilities, beefing up your entire communications program.


MCK is an industry leader in Business VoIP services, helping companies of all sizes expand their communication service offerings in order to help shape the communications landscape. The expectations surrounding Conferencing, Mobility, and Messaging are changing rapidly as customers begin to expect solutions with multiple touch points, using different devices to connect when and how they want to.

Increase sales & customer retention with CRM integration


Improve the speed with which you respond to clients with extensions that follow you where you go. Help visitors from your website to reach your business more rapidly with single click inbound chat or calling. Our cutting-edge virtual meetings can connect you with business stakeholders anywhere, anytime.


Save 40% or more on your monthly phone bill, with unlimited inbound and outbound calling throughout North America. Save thousands on legacy PBX equipment, using low or no cost softphones, mobile Apps and IP Phones. Watch your business expenses drop by utilizing Audio & Video conferencing features.


Your business phone system is maintained with zero-effort because we automatically update our platform. You can access voice messages, faxed documents and your configuration settings from anywhere, 24/7 through our self-service user web portal. Administration is made easy for multiple groups and office locations with the use of a single user login.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has proven to increase sales and give you a competitive edge. It provides a more direct pathway to your customers and internal resources, increases collaboration and reduces travel. It’s just a matter of finding the right solution that works for you.

Audio Conferencing

On demand Audio Conferencing connects you when you’re needed. MCK offers a feature-rich service delivered from a single platform with simplified controls . We truly do offer a one size fits all solution.


Mobility integrates the company PBX to Smartphones. Workers can answer and make calls using their business identity on their preferred device. Placing Smartphone calls on the office line reduces costs and provides access to the corporate directory in a dynamic demonstration of true mobility.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response [IVR] directs inbound callers through a series of steps and prompts that can be as simple as you wish it to be, while offering several levels of complexity. MCK has the experience and expertise to help you design, develop, test, and implement your IVR applications in a seamless fashion.

Call Analytics

Call Analytics is a valuable business tool that provides stats on internal operations and external marketing elements driving customer responses. Maximizing your efficiency and knowing which marketing channels are delivering results is key in managing your clients expectations and your bottom line.

Voice Broadcasting

Use Voice broadcasting to send out phone calls automatically; appointment reminders, payment collection, delivery confirmation, political calls, and more. All call functions are managed from an easy to use online portal, your own personal virtual secretary.


These are the features that will take your communications to the next level.


The BroadSoft Telecom Communications Platform is the backbone of our VoIP services and we specialize in BroadSoft applications and deployments. The core communications platform consists of:

  • BroadWorks – the leading VOIP platform that brings you expanded service reach, application integration, and operational cost savings.
  • BroadCloud – a fully-managed, end-to-end communications platform providing you with both standardization and flexibility.
  • UC-One – a unified voice, video, IM, and presence communications experience for your employees, across mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

For technical support for all hosted services, please email or call 1-877-248-3587