MCK Customer Journey Platform

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A cloud-based contact center that improves performance, efficiency, sales, customer experience and retention.

A cloud-native solution to transform every size of contact center

The MCK Customer Journey Platform provides cloud scale, flexibility and reach for every size of contact center from start-up to global, multisite network. With omnichannel capability, predictive analytics, centralized queuing and routing, collaboration tools and workforce management, this solution redefines contact center standards.

Outstanding benefits from an innovative solution

Innovation and insight are central to the performance of MCK’s Customer Journey Platform. With advanced features to transform customer interaction and exceptional levels of security, reliability, and scalability, the Customer Journey Platform delivers powerful business and operational benefits.

Greater personalization

Intelligent call routing and screen pops with comprehensive customer information ensure customers reach the agent with the qualifications and knowledge to deliver a personalized response.

Omnichannel capability

Customers have the freedom to contact through any channel and receive a consistently high-quality response via voice, video, chat, instant message, email, text or social media.

360⁰ customer insight

Powerful analytics track customer interactions across all channels, providing greater understanding of every stage of the customer journey.

Faster first-time resolution

Calls are intelligently routed to the most suitable agent to minimize transfers. Agents can easily access knowledge bases or collaborate with colleagues or experts to speed first-time resolution.

Increased productivity

Workforce management tools help to optimize contact center resources through dynamic scheduling. Agents can access essential customer and solution information to reduce call handling time.

Simpler management

Intuitive dashboards and cloud-based management tools correlate data from multiple sources to give managers and supervisors effective, real-time visibility and control.

Greater control

Centralized call monitoring and control enable supervisors to manage quality and performance of agents on any site. Supervisors can also dynamically manage routing to agents on any site, increasing operational flexibility.

Intelligent routing

Big data and sophisticated analytics provide insight into customer journeys, predicting their needs and dynamically routing calls to agents with the best record in meeting their specific requirements.

Scalability on demand

The system can be scaled up or down immediately to meet changing traffic levels. It can also be scaled outwards to support home or remote agents, with no need for additional infrastructure.

Taking contact center performance to new levels

The MCK’s Cisco Customer Journey Platform eliminates the frustrations associated with legacy, premise-based contact center systems. It provides a secure, highly reliable cloud-based solution, packed with features that transform the way contact centers interact with their customers.

Unified communication environment

Agents can handle incoming communications through any channel to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Customer Journey Analyzer

By collating agent, customer and interaction data the Analyzer provides 360⁰ customer journey analytics to improve business results.

Open system interoperability

APIs and open system design support simple integration with CRM systems and other business applications to further enhance performance.

Centralized queuing and routing

The system places calls from any source in a central queue for dynamic routing, reducing waiting time.

On-demand collaboration

Chat and voice collaboration tools help agents obtain support to close the 40 percent of report calls that require expert input.

Cloud-native design

A Cloud Contact Center as a Service solution that provides flexibility, scalability, visibility and security while eliminating on-premise cost and complexity.

MCK Customer Journey Platform for any size of business

MCK’s Cisco Customer Journey Platform provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for businesses planning their first contact center or enterprises consolidating their legacy deployments.

Small and medium business

  • Advanced features
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • No up-front costs
  • Scales in line with the growth
  • Supports virtual teams
  • Simple management

Premium Business Edition

  • Powerful analytics
  • Support for global operations
  • Centralized multi-site queuing and routing
  • Dynamic agent matching
  • Workforce optimization
  • Real-time management and reporting

Transform Your Contact Center

Today’s customers demand more – fast response, access through any channel and speedy first-time resolution. MCK’s CISCO Customer Journey Platform provides the flexibility, scalability, visibility, and security you need to meet those expectations.

With simple migration from existing systems or rapid deployment of new contact centers, the Customer Journey Platform can quickly transform your business.

To find out how it can transform the customer experience, drive more revenue, increase efficiency and reduce costs, contact us.

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