According to data published by Infonetics Research, over 60 million individuals rely on cloud-based communications daily for their video conferencing, chat, voice, and general video needs. The advantages are business-friendly: it saves time, money, and there are a wide variety of features that boost productivity.

We are experts at helping of companies of any size to move to cloud-based communications, be it enterprise collaboration, VoIP, unified communications, or PBX. We do this by offering flexible sets of features with many choices.

Keep the following central factors in mind when you switch your communications infrastructure into the cloud initially, or when you decide to enhance your current cloud communications with higher-end solutions.

Efficient budgeting

Companies of any size want to implement a cloud communication solution that meets the distinct needs of their organization. Selecting a tiered approach means that you choose only the specific features you want, but you still get a path to future upgrades when you want something more advanced. We provide a wide variety of cloud communications options.

Smaller companies can use basic business voice options to cut down on the costs they incur with outdated PSTN (public phone network) lines or even their on-site legacy PBX systems. When these are replaced with cheaper cloud-based VoIP technology, your business can save money as well as seeing increased efficiency and convenience from staff collaboration. Added functionality is possible through options such unified communications, screen sharing, and desktop video conferencing. Even better, your business can enjoy such solutions without committing capital expenditures upfront. Instead, you pay monthly and have the freedom to scale up and down as business or communications requirements change.

Collaboration and voice solutions, brought to you, flexibly, by seasoned engineers

We believe in flexibility and customization for our customers, because each client has different and unique circumstances and needs. Our clients can implement solutions that not only serves their needs today but also leaves room for growth and advancement tomorrow. If you choose to go with higher-end options later, you can add a wide range for collaboration software and voice technology solutions. The secret is choosing a solution that leaves room for growth from day one. Our combination of network technology, cloud communication services and products, and the expertise of our engineers makes it simple for clients to choose components that serves their company well.

Keep in mind that your business might need to support both remote offices and teleworkers

Voice systems that are cloud based make it easy to collaborate with mobile workers, and teams at remote locations. When you have this, your users can seamlessly connect with one another whether they are at home, in an office, or on the road. Calls can move quickly and simply between mobile devices, desktop computers, and office phones, boosting productivity and access.

Shifting to cloud voice services is virtually inevitable for contemporary companies. It’s the initial step in adopting a cohesive and unified strategy for communications. Picking the appropriate technology partner makes this transition easier.

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