Cloud Hosted PBX Providers

Telecommunication tools that extend the functionality of corporate telephone systems through cloud based PBX systems.


Unified Communications system that connects all your offices and meets all your communication needs.


MCK Hosted PBX is highly scalable with integrated high definition (HD) voice and data services, collaboration tools, mobility, contact center functions, and advanced calling features.


MCK offers Virtual PBX Concierge service to add locations and employees easily and quickly, although you can manage these additions yourself as well. The system is manageable with minimal complexity for you and your employee users.


Cloud Based PBX integrates easily with cloud communication platforms such as Skype for Business and customer relationship management platforms like SalesForce.


MCK Hosted PBX allows end users to have access to communication tools and apps no matter where they are – in the office or on the road.

  • Consolidated services for mobile workers
  • Single system communication tools for voice, text, IM, email and video
  • Toggle voice calls, texts, and video chats seamlessly between mobile and desktop phones
  • Group handling of incoming calls and flexible call routing


  • Sophisticated calling features
  • No infrastructure required
  • Scale capacity on demand
  • Intuitive portal management
  • Cloud functionality with Tier 1 national network
  • Live voice quality monitoring
  • Uptime service guarantee
  • No capital costs to upgrade your phone system
  • Built in redundancy
  • 24/7 support



MCK Cloud Hosted PBX on BroadSoft Platform

MCK delivers business VoIP communications using the market leading unified communication platform from BroadSoft.

With cloud based communications and no infrastructure to manage, MCK gives crystal clear voice calls anywhere your team is located. In addition, your team will have easy access from the contact database using voice calls, texts, Instant Messages, email, voicemail and audio or video conferencing. All the tools are accessible in one place through a single interface, giving you access to messages and call history. With automated processes, MCK lets you choose your features, such as custom greetings and voicemail that is linked to the operation hours of your business.

MCK Hosted PBX will give you all the benefits you need, delivered with secure, high-quality communications.

Hosted PBX FAQs

What Is A Cloud PBX System?

The technology behind Hosted PBX is called Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. In contrast to traditional telephony, which sends analog signals over copper phone lines, VoIP digitizes audio signals and transmits them as data packets. The traditional system, known as a public switched telephone network (PSTN) is declining all over the world. VoIP is slowly but surely becoming the global standard for telephone communications.

Every telephone operating on VoIP get its own unique IP address. A Hosted PBX system indexes these IP addresses to the conventional telephone network. When a user dials a phone number, it’s the job of the Hosted PBX switch to link that number to the right IP address and connect the call to the right VoIP phone.

Do Phones Have To Be Purchased From MCK?

No. You may buy your phones wherever you like. Please bear in mind, we offer competitive pricing and can usually beat most online stores. Purchasing your phones from MCK is affordable and also streamlines the installation process. By controlling delivery and ensuring that the right models are ordered, we can speed up your installation significantly.

How Do Your Services Compare To Residential VoIP, e.g. Vonage?

Speaking generally, residential VoIP services do not provide the commercial features that are a cornerstone of proper PBX service. Examples include call transfer, hunt groups, hold music, auto-attendant, and more. Most residential providers offer a fixed, non-customizable menu of services that are unlikely to meet your business’s needs. Residential VoIP providers rarely deliver commercial-quality IP phones, relying instead on locked analog telephone adapters (ATAs).

What Are The Benefits Cloud PBX Offers My Business?

Hosted PBX solutions from MCK Communications give you built in round-the-clock network monitoring and disaster recovery. The system is designed to seamlessly re-route traffic in the event of interruptions. If your business loses internet connectivity, for example, calls will automatically go to voicemail and/or designated cell phones. All of the equipment which operates MCK’s Hosted PBX services is protected by multiple safeguards and redundancies.

Hosted PBX services offer security and savings to smaller businesses. MCK delivers the highest standards of voice quality and guarantees the availability of its services.

How Much Uptime Can You Guarantee?

MCK’s service standard is 99.9% uptime. While MCK does not take responsibility for equipment failures outside its control (e.g. in a customer’s own ISP or internal network), the company does offer credits for downtime. A Hosted PBX system from MCK is a carrier-grade communications solution with multiple redundancies. It is at least as reliable as traditional phone service, if not more.

We build our Hosted PBX systems on the Broadsoft switching platform. This is the same base employed by nationwide phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Our systems rely on network servers sited in carrier-quality co-location facilities. Both internet access and electrical power are protected by multiple redundancies. For a further level of downtime prevention, we rely on a completely redundant mirrored service operating out of two different switching centers. Even if a severe disaster were to wipe out one of our sites, our Hosted PBX systems would remain fully operational.

Can Cloud PBX Handle Toll-Free Numbers?

Yes. Hosted PBX can port in existing toll-free numbers or create new ones as necessary.

Does Cloud PBX Work With My Existing Internet?

Yes. You are free to continue using third-party internet service providers with an MCK Hosted PBX system. We will test the quality of your ISP during the pre-installation process and we can guarantee the quality of voice transmissions as long as your ISP passes. Our testing generally supports any form of high-speed fiber connection: DSL, Cable, Fios, etc. We cannot guarantee high voice quality if you are using wireless or satellite internet.

What Phones Work With Cloud - Hosted PBX?

We use a variety of different models, particularly those supplied by Polycom and Cisco. When you order your phones from us, we will configure them for your individual Hosted PBX users prior to shipping them to you.

For technical support for all hosted services, please email or call 1-877-248-3587