As Hurricane Florence recently wreaked havoc in the Carolinas, we want to ensure you have reviewed all the plans required to maintain communication systems and have them running at peak performance when disaster hits.

Hurricanes, as with Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Florence, can be detrimental to businesses. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Superstorm Sandy in 2012 resulted in $65 billion in damage in the United States of America making it the second-costliest natural disaster in history after Hurricane Katrina. During Superstorm Sandy, approximately 8.2 million American citizens and thousands of companies in the area lost power.

Based on a recently published white paper by Aberdeen Group, the average downtime of any company costs approximately $2,100 per minute. Power outages have been highlighted as the primary cause of communication breakdowns.

This white paper features an analysis of the top five causes of communication outages, along with the percentages of the disruptions that could have been prevented had the leading procedures been followed. The numbers are as follows:

  • Power outages (74%)
  • A lack of routine maintenance (73%)
  • Software viruses or problems (69%)
  • Failure with hardware (39%)
  • Issues with the company’s network (35%)

The analysis in the white paper indicates that all outages could have been avoided by utilising industry leading outage prevention procedures. What are these procedures? Below are eight actions that need to be taken:

Firstly, companies should utilise uninterruptible power supply units to maintain the operation of network systems during storms, lightning strikes or other power disruptions. Uninterruptible power supply systems, along with the correct grounding of sensitive equipment, are vital to reducing outages.

Conduct audits to identify whether or not companies can meet power requirements and avoid problems. Particular attention should be given to hardware approaching the end of its manufacturer support period.

Performance of scheduled maintenance regarding network and communication systems. It will help identify what should be avoided, as well as the percentage of remediable outages attributed to underutilised upkeep or poor maintenance.

Pay attention to sure signs by machinery that a problem is going to come to the surface. Patch the system whenever possible. Disciplined system monitoring, regular system health checks, and consistent maintenance schedules, perform failover testing for critical systems can help you hear the signal; thereby, helping improve the reliability of the company’s communication system.

It is recommended you update your equipment utilising the equipment’s manufacturer guarantee to avoid falling out from the over-sweat of the assets.

Maintaining and updating network diagrams can be useful to isolate outages, identify the problematic machinery and find solutions quickly to fix the situation.

Using the above steps, you can reduce the risk of experiencing power outages during a natural disaster!

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