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Simpler infrastructure, advanced communications, greater savings

Now you can replace expensive legacy phone cabling and connect your existing IP PBX to the PSTN and Internet telephony with MCK’s high-performance, highly secure SIP Trunking. There’s no need for separate voice and data cabling and your calls will be connected over a high-quality digital circuit that ensures optimum voice clarity and reliability.

Big Savings

With simpler infrastructure, reduced management and maintenance costs, and access to low-cost Internet calling plans you can save up to 50 percent on your communication costs. And, you can increase capacity on demand without expensive over-provisioning.

Highest Security

Advanced features protect your callers and your data against security threats and toll fraud with two forms of encryption – Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol.

Advanced Communications

MCK’s SIP Trunking gives you access to advanced cloud-based communication solutions such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC). That can improve productivity, contactability, collaboration and customer service for all your office or mobile users.


A single circuit for voice, data and Internet

SIP Trunking is a digital circuit that works with your existing IP PBX and handsets to carry inbound or outbound calls to and from the PSTN over a secure Internet connection. It also simplifies your infrastructure by consolidating voice, Internet and data traffic on one SIP Trunking circuit. MCK SIP Trunking integrates with all leading IP-PBX systems, protecting your investment and delivering a flexible, scalable solution that grows with your business.

Rationalize Multi-Site Capacity

You can use SIP Trunking to rationalize communications infrastructure across all your sites and centralize management. Instead of provisioning and maintaining separate circuits at each site, you can pool call capacity across all locations. As well as reducing the total number of trunks required, SIP Trunking also reduces the risk of service disruption across your branch network.

Scalability on Demand

As your business grows, you’ll need more circuits. Now, you won’t have to overprovision or suffer the delay and disruption of installing new physical lines. You can scale your system on demand. And, you won’t have to purchase new lines in blocks of 23 — just add the number of SIP Trunks you need.

Assured Voice Quality

Your SIP Trunking service leverages the quality, security and performance of MCK’s nationwide carrier-class private network, which provides optimum voice quality, security and reliability compared with solutions running over the public Internet. Our Tier 1 fiber-optic network incorporates multiple reroute and failover options to ensure your calls remain connected

Reduced Security and Fraud Risks

MCK’s SIP Trunks use Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol to protect your business against four major security risks – telephone denial of service, toll fraud and hacking or spoofed caller ID, which can lead to financial loss or disclosure of confidential data.


Advanced Phone Features

SIP Trunks give your users access to the advanced features of VoIP and Unified Communications. Features such as Presence, Follow Me, Find Me and seamless switching between desktop and mobile devices improve personal productivity and ensure your users are always in contact.

Easier Collaboration

Access to VoIP and UC solutions over SIP Trunks supports today’s collaborative working environment. Users can easily set up or participate in audio, video or web conferences on any desktop or mobile device. They can also collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and business partners in any location.

Enterprise Voice for Teams

SIP Trunks can be used as a direct routing solution to provide enterprise voice for your Microsoft Teams users. Direct routing enables Teams users to make global PSTN calls using your preferred calling plans over a network managed by a cloud communications specialist such as MCK.

Virtual Presence

If you want to build a local presence in an important market without actually being there, SIP Trunking provides a cost-effective solution. You can set up a series of local numbers. When customers or prospects dial that number, they pay a local call rate but the call is transferred to your preferred office.

Business Continuity

SIP Trunking can ensure the continuity of your business communications in the event of a disaster. If your phone system or your premises are unavailable, calls can be rerouted to an alternative location where users can handle inbound and outbound calls on any device.

Cost-Effective Calling Plans

With SIP Trunking, you can access Internet telephony services that offer long-distance or international calling charges that are lower than those available via the PSTN. You can also offer customers toll-free numbers, and calls between your own sites are free.


SIP Trunking is simple to deploy and requires minimal infrastructure components.

Number of trunks – Our SIP specialists can calculate the number of trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent. You don’t have to buy blocks of lines, only the number you need.

IP-PBX – MCK SIP Trunking is compatible with all leading IP-PBX models, protecting your existing infrastructure investment.

Internet connection – To support clear voice calls, you need a high-speed broadband connection from a reliable ISP with a router or other device that supports Quality of Service.

Data network – SIP Trunking solutions use your existing IP data network, eliminating the need for a separate voice network.

Handsets – You can use existing IP phones or analog phones fitted with an adapter, which provides some IP capability


MCK has a SIP solution tailored for your on-premise IP PBX and your business and operational needs.

MCK has over 10 years’ experience in SIP solutions and was one of the first service providers to offer SIP Trunking in the United States.

In addition, MCK’s certified partnerships and testing facilities ensure a SIP Trunking solution that delivers the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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